Best local music groupie see results about pandora jewelry new deals on pandora charms york 2006 Best local music groupie Pandora Rings new Cheap Pandora Beads Sale york 2006 If you haven't looked at new york noise, turn your tv to channel 25 every tuesday night to see the latest bands like you haven't seen them before.Put together by native brooklynite music maven shirley braha, who produced her first cd(The hanukkah themed indie pop collection i made it out of clay)By herself little shirley beans label when she was a mere 16, this weekly show presents videos and interviews with bands from le tigre to beirut.Braha, who has curated concerts for the east river music project, conducts her selection job interview in offbeat locales like bakeries and factories.One episode listed"Tea time who has tommy ramone, while another was filmed in the home of the trachtenburg family slideshow players, giving viewers a true peek behind the background music.From a bishop allen bbq to an indie rock blind date, an accordion party to the rock 'n' roll camp for ladies, braha brings much needed creativity to her field, while still covering major events like the siren and pitchfork fests.This woman lives and breathes music and has managed to turn her passion into her job while continuing to showcase subterranean bands.