Sytycd recap for september 5 The top 6 episode opened sonia teyah opening bizarre,"Freak show"Piece as only sonia can deliver.Christina applegate joined the judges' panel for the second time this season and the top 6 had some nice messages of encouragement from their families. Season 2 champ benji schwimmer appeared to partner tiffany in sytycd canada choreographer jean-Marc genereux's jive. "What i like about you"Was the soundtrack for the extremely high energy piece(The audience was just as exhausted)And if we needed a reminder why benji is the"Swing king"We certainly remember now.Tiffany was up to the task and really held her own.Not bad at all for a contemporary dancer!The judges praised tiffany for keeping up with benji and christina took the opportunity to plug benji's lyrical technique as she had attended classes with benji in the past.Thanks to season 2 we already know benji could do anything he set his feet to do. Whitney danced her latin bull fighter solo stomping around the stage with her skirt doubling as a cape.She still strikes this examiner as too stiff for this far in to the competition but the audience still loves her. Cole and season 8 champion melanie moore danced a sonia tayeh jazz routine to"Too close"By alex claire.The piece was an attempt to paint cole in a softer light after his rather dark characters of the season.Cole's character is seeking freedom but melanie does not want to let him go.The partnering was unique with melanie often lifting cole.Mary found the performance"Gorgeous"And said that cole kept drawing her attention.Christina found him"Masterful"And commended cole for embodying his character.She did point out his"Terrible foot"In the single pirouette but admitted it did not matter because he looked so good.Nigel said he was very glad to have someone like cole in the competition. Chehon danced his solo to"Way back home"By district 78.More than once he defied gravity and probably earned twenty more job offers for after the show in the process. Eliana and twitch took on christopher scott's hip-Hop routine to"Please mr.Postman by the marvettes.Eliana's character had a crush on twitch's character who happened to be a postman.The music seemed ill-Suited for a hip-Hop dance and the choreography was a little soft for twitch and eliana's talents.Christina told eliana she could do"Ymca"For hours(As the dance version of"Singing the telephone book")And she would be happy.Nigel found little to impress him in the performance and thought it relied too much on the comedy element.Mary found it fun and entertaining. Tiffany's contemporary solo to"Just the way you are"By carmen reeve was flawless.The beautiful thing about tiffany is not just her technique and stage presence but also her humility. Chehon and all-Star catherine then danced an emotional tyce diorio piece.The theme was surviving a tragic event and moving forward with only a single suitcase of possessions. "Eli, eli"By sophie milman as the soundtrack helped paint the picture of immigrants escaping some sort of horrible tragedy in their homeland.The moving performance in which the dancers manipulated the suitcase and each other evoked a lot of emotion and obviously affected the judges.Nigel and mary in particular seemed afraid to say anything too specific about the piece or tears would be eminent. Cole's solo to"Night of the wolf"By nok argana was energetic and included some movement that might have been impossible for anyone else. Whitney was paired with all-Star marco for a lyrical jazz number by ray leeper.The scenario was a couple on their wedding day and whitney's character had gotten"Cold feet. "Curtis and reinhard's"No nothing"Was appropriate for the piece which seemed as though marco was constantly fighting for whitney's attention.In the end she left marco's character rather than give in.Mary and nigel called whitney a"Star"And had no idea why she would have left such a good partner as marco.Christina called her a beautiful dancer but lamented not being able to see whitney's face during her"Hair-Ography" (Will this one make the dictionary, do you think? )Or as she whipped her hair around as she was wont to do. Eliana's contemporary ballet solo to"I will follow you into the dark"By death cab for cutie was delicate and beautiful and the audience was effusive with their applause.We know she's good and can handle filling the stage in a solo.Case closed. Cyrus found himself blessed many times over(To paraphrase his excitement):Partnered with all-Star comfort;Performing a piece but christopher scott;And having landed the dubstep genre which was his comfort zone.Popping, waving, tugging, breaking and a multitude of other verbs/dance vocabulary were crammed into the often intricate choreography to"Cinema"By benny benassi complete with popcorn.A definite crowd-Pleaser, the performance was treated to a standing ovation from audience and judges alike to which cyrus responded a heartfelt"Whoa! "The judges unanimously agreed that cyrus was much beloved by them and america. Jean-Marc genereux choreographed a cha-Cha for whitney and chehon Cheap Tiffany Bracelets to rihanna's"Where have you been. "Neither dancer seemed thrilled to be dancing with the other and that lack of connection seemed to be the primary issue with this performance.Mary was particularly harsh on chehon declaring that latin dancing was not his strong suit.She seems to have forgotten his"Hot tamale train"Worthy tango from last week.As for whitney she said the performance was good but still too safe.Nigel echoed those sentiments while christina claimed to have been entranced by the"Initial deep plie'"And forgot all else. Cyrus danced to"Harem"By sarah brightman doing what he does best.He managed to delight the audience once again. ColeAndeliana were treated tiffany uk: to a mia michaels contemporary piece to the tune of"Adagio for strings"Band philadelphia orchestra.Supposedly mia had been inspired by watching ramsAndthat showed in several moments of initiating movementAndpartnering with the head.There were also a few Fantastic moments where cole catches eliana when she jumps into his armsAndsharing weight ending in a silent scream.The audienceAndjudges gave their second standing ovation of the evening to the performance.Nigel found them both"Brilliant"And"Fantastic"AndMary was struck by the blending of transitionsAndhow "Powerful"Both dancers were.Christina called eliana"The perfect dancer"Andsaid the overall product was "Beautiful. " What happens when mom and dad leave daughter Tiffany home alone with cyrus?Things got a little steamy in the spencer liff piece to"Treat me rough"By debbie gravitte.A skirt was mussed and a tie lost in the elaborate"Make-Out session"Choreography ending with Tiffany's parents returning home and the pair rushing to take their places at a discreet distance on the couch.Christina found the performance"Fun and sassy"And praised cyrus for keeping up with the best(Tiffany).She also reiterated her earlier desire to throw pens through cyrus'"Ear holes. "Nigel said he was thankful for only having sons because no daughter of his would even have been allowed on the show.Mary said it was the"Cutest number ever. " Axis dance company dancers took to the stage in a mixed ability performance.The beautifully moving piece was ironically also encouragement for the atypical dancer who might not have fit the 'sytycd' standards in ability. Then it was time to find out the final four danCers who would be appearing the season finale next week.For the girls tiffany and eliana were the final two sending whitney home.For the guys(Whose names all began with the letter"C"Strangely enough)Chehon and cyrus were pushed through to the finale and cole was eliminated.